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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign AlAqsa Eidh 2019 Today, Eid al Adhar, the most important holiday in the Muslim calendar, Israel attempted a take over of the Al Aqsa mosque in its ongoing policy to Judaize Jerusalem. Yet, tens of thousands of Palestinians gathered for prayers at the Mosque defended their holy places, rights and dignity.

Almost one hundred thousand Palestinians had gathered in the Al Aqsa Mosque compound since yesterday night to hold their ritual vigil and morning prayers in the mosque.

As since early morning rumours circulated that Israel is planning to invade the compound with thousands of settlers, the morning prayers were postponed for an hour to ensure the rituals could proceed in calmth.

Even after the prayers, the Palestinian worshippers did not leave the area and stayed on to defend the holy place from being occupied by the Israeli military.

At around 10 am, Israel sent hundreds of soldiers into the compound, launching tear gas even inside the buildings of the mosque and injuring at leat 14 people. Palestinians resisted the attack and defended the Al Aqsa until the late afternoon. At the entrance to the Old City in Damascus Gate, Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinian residents and worshippers as well.

The invasion of the Al Aqsa Mosque by the settlers was essentially thwarted, with only a small number being able to enter the compound for a short time, heavily escorted by Israeli special forces.

Jamal Juma’ from the Stop the Wall Campaign comments: 

“Today was significant for Israel. It was a test, gone wrong. If in a day such as Eid al Adhar Israel was able to invade the Al Aqsa Mosque and divide the mosque, this would have encouraged the permanent take over of the compound. But the Palestinian reaction was unexpected for Israel: the strong resistance by the worshippers and Palestinians has made it clear that Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa Mosque are a red line and, despite all, the efforts to weaken and demoralize Palestinian steadfastness have failed. Our struggle for justice, freedom and equality continues.”

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign BDS ramallah protest aug 2019 The Palestinian BDS movement staged a peaceful demonstration at the Ofar trading checkpoint in Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine was conducted on August 5th, 2019. The purpose was to boycott the cheap Israeli goods being flooded into the Palestinian economy while Israel imposes high tariffs on Palestinian goods, if they allow the goods to cross the checkpoints within the occupied West Bank, so that they can be exported or even transported from one city to the other, to begin with. These illegal actions are purposefully damaging to the Palestinian economy, and are an example of neo-colonial economic strategy. 

Such policies make it difficult for Palestinians to sell and export their own goods, and allow the domestic economy to be flooded by cheap Israeli goods. All of us Palestinians feel the effects as the local economy is damaged with specific focus on the industries of production and transportation, which in turn limits job opportunities.The results lead to passive ethnic cleansing through the devaluation of Palestinian goods and the prevention of goods export. 

At the same time, Israel uses the Palestinian captive market to fuel its own economy and offset the costs of the occupation.

The demonstration took place at a checkpoint outside of Ramallah that controls Palestinian movement and transportation in and out of the city.  The checkpoint is located on Palestinian soil miles away from the Green Line, that delimits the occupied West Bank. 

As part of the Israel’s occupation policies, heavily armed soldiers check and control the daily lives of our  people.  The peaceful demonstrators felt the harsh reality of the occupation as they were met with tear gas and the threatening sight of assault rifles and armored military vehicles, which dispersed the crowd. The protestors stood strong for some time, even standing before a semi truck carrying the unwanted goods.  They stopped the truck in its tracks up until the point that shots could be heard and a cloud of noxious gas began rising around the protestors.  No one was seriously injured but many were hurt and some of the older protestors had to be cared for as the gas incapacitated them for a time.

As long as the Israeli occupation denies us political, economic, and religious freedoms, our human rights, including the right to self-determination, we will continue our struggle for freedom, justice and equality. It is today more urgent than ever for people around the world to stand together with us to end Israel’s regime of oppression against our people, including its neocolonial policies of dispossession and impoverishment, from which not only Israel but business around the world profits. 

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign Wadi Hummus prayer Aug 2 The second Friday in a row, people gathered in protest on the rubbles of the buildings that until two weeks ago were the homes of hundreds of Palestinian families that are to be ethnically cleansed by Israel. Across Israel's apartheid Wall more activists gathered to show unity and support for the steadfastness of the residents. Wadi Hummus will survive!

This Friday, once again some 500 Palestinians gathered among the rubbles of the homes that Israel tore down in its attempt to expel Palestinians from Jerusalem. 

They held the Friday prayers despite dozens of Israeli soldiers in full armour intimidating them. The Stop the Wall campaign joined the gathering with a small delegation to show solidarity. Many other organizations and groups did the same.

With a strong media presence documenting the event, Israeli military did not dare to disrupt the prayers.

Earlier in the morning they did, however, destroy the tent of steadfastness that the committee of the residents of Wadi Hummus has set up to guarantee an ongoing presence in the area. But by midday, the residents had already rebuilt and restored the solidarity tent.

At the other side of the Wall - the 'security' of which the homes in Wadi Hummus had according to Israeli authorities threatened - Stop the Wall had organized together with other popular committees a solidarity prayer. Yet, before the people could start the oration, Israeli soldiers started already throwing tear gas and attacking the people that had gathered.

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign Wadi Hummus Wadi Hummus, the neighbourhood in Sur Baher, between Jerusalem and Behlehem, today is full of rubble. Israeli military invaded the area on Monday and destroyed with bulldozers and explosives in only few hours the homes of almost a thousand of Palestinians. Israel hopes that the Palestinians living there will move on, disappear among the over six million Palestinian refugees that Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing policies have already caused. It assumes we and the people around the world will forget. Beyond the human suffering of the people in Wadi Hummus, the political callousness of Israel’s apartheid regime and the outrage that should take hold of each of us, in order to build an effective reaction to what happened we have to analyse the context and significance of the large scale demolitions in Sur Baher.

What happened in Wadi Hummus yesterday was probably unprecedented in its scale since the mass destruction of Palestinian homes and villages during the occupation of the West Bank in 1967 and resembled in its images the bombings of Palestinian homes in Gaza.

Yet, Israel’s systematic and criminal home demolitions and destruction of entire communities are a standing policy. In Khan al Ahmar, Israel failed last year to demolish the community. What stopped the destruction then was the massive mobilization on the ground and heavy lobbying at international level. Finally came the warning by Fatou Bensouda, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, that the demolition and forced transfer of population of Khan al Ahmar constitutes a war crime and she will not hesitate to ‘take appropriate action’. 

This time Israel acted to avoid such efforts, applying the Shock and Awe Doctrine on unarmed residents being torn from their homes.

Wadi Hummus for Israel is to serve as a model for many more homes, communities and lives at risk. In the area are another 100 buildings at risk with 224 more homes. In East Jerusalem alone, Israel keeps at least a third of all Palestinian homes under threat of demolition, potentially placing over 100,000 residents at risk of displacement.

This is a massive plan of forced displacement that continues our Nakba, the catastrophe of ethnic cleansing that started with the establishment in 1948 of Israel’s apartheid regime on our lands. Palestinian residents in Jerusalem are particularly targeted, including through exorbitant taxes, fines, removal of residency rights and daily repression and arrests. With the full support of the US administration, Israel attempts to create by force a ‘Jewish Jerusalem’, annexed and cleansed from the Palestinian indigenous population.

More displacement is needed in the West Bank in order to finalize the ghettos carves out for Palestinians by the apartheid Wall. 46 Bedouin communities with some 7,000 inhabitants, some 60% of them children, in Area C in the central West Bank are under risk of forcible transfer. Many communities in the Jordan Valley are in similar conditions.

The demolitions in Wadi Hummus have not only displaced people but bulldozed international law and international resolutions.

Though Wadi Hummus is since a decade isolated from the rest of the West Bank and encircled on the Jerusalem side of the Wall, the area where the homes have stood until yesterday has been classified under the Oslo Agreements as Area A and B – areas where the Palestinian Authority, not Israel, is responsible over building permits and planning. Yet, within the logic of the ‘Deal of the Century’ and the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, under which might is supposed to be right, Israel has once again defined its own rules according to its ever expansionist desires. Territorial sovereignty is where Israel wants it.

Exactly 15 years after the International Court of Justice has declared the Wall and its associated regime illegal, the demolitions in Wadi Hummus show a brazen contempt for its verdict and the international consensus around it. They have underlined the perverse logic of the Israeli ‘justice’ system. 

The demolitions have been carried out officially under the military order of 2011, which has instituted a 100-300 meter buffer zone along the Wall. The homes have been declared a ‘security threat’ to the Wall. With its verdict of June 11 that gave the go ahead for the destructions, the Israeli High Court validated a policy whereby Israeli forces can carry out a war crime – the forced displacement of people in occupied territory and wanton destruction of property – in order to ‘secure’ an illegal construction – Israel’s apartheid Wall – that aims to protect a third level of illegality: Israel’s policy of territorial annexation by force and its apartheid regime.

Bringing inhumane and illegal acts to a new level is not only a necessity within Israel’s strategy to shape a political landscape of an ethnically cleansed Jerusalem and a defined ghetto system for Palestinians. It is a message within the ongoing electoral campaign in Israel. Acting prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu with this act intents to market himself. Nothing works as a better electoral campaign spot than to be able to prove the capacity to commit unprecedented crimes against the Palestinian people and get away with it.

We are in times of resistance and the demolitions are becoming a crucial part of the Israeli policy and our resistance strategy.

Our demands are clear: The people of Wadi Hummus have to be able to go back, be compensated for the damages and rebuild their homes. This is the only way to stop further Shock and Awe demolitions.

As Palestinians we need to be present on the ground with protests. We need to unite all our grassroots struggle to stand with the people at risk and affected by demolitions. We need to unite beyond the dividing lines of the Green Line. More than that, we need to step up pressure on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to take appropriate action. The call on the International Criminal Court is good; stopping all ties with Israel, starting from the infamous ‘security coordination’ that still links the PA to Israel would be much better. We have nothing to lose. The PA has never been and will never be more than a symbolic entity with no power, which perpetuates a chimera of a two-state solution, while Israel’s apartheid regime and occupation continue to prosper.

In their statement, the UN officials in Palestine declared: “Had there been concrete action to ensure respect for these principles, and for international humanitarian and human rights law, generally, the people of Sur Bahir would not be experiencing the trauma they are today, and violations of their rights.”

Undoubtedly. The point is that the UN as such and its member states have continued to fail international law and the rights of the Palestinian people since the UN’s very existence. How are we then to guarantee such respect?

It will have to be the people to come to the forefront and pressure their governments and defund the corporations that enable and profit from these crimes.

Not only Israel but the international community and international corporations violate their obligations in allowing Israeli crimes against our people and violations of human rights. They, too, have to be held accountable and shoulder their responsibility in the damage they have brought upon us.

Strengthening the global movement for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions, targeting Israel and all those complicit in its crimes, is today more urgent than ever.

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign July 9 2019 The last 15 years have proven that only when we as people hold accountable those that decide about and profit from the crimes against us human rights gain value. They have furthermore shown that together we are strong enough to withhold the hardest times. Today is the moment to intensify our efforts, to demand the implementation of the ICJ decision as a fundamental step towards a World without Walls and respect for human rights for all! READ THE FULL STOPTHEWALL STATEMENT HERE.   Against a World of Walls and Lawlessness – Together we resist!

July 9 2004 – exactly 15 years ago - the International Court of Justice (ICJ) released its verdict on the legal consequences of the Wall Israel had started building on our land it holds occupied. The decision was clear: The Wall is illegal, Israel has to dismantle the Wall, pay reparations and the international community has the duty not to recognize, aid or assist Israel’s violations of international law and to take appropriate action to stop them.

Our immediate response was not less clear: “This opinion will only mark an important event in the struggle against the Apartheid Wall and for Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law, if the UN, world governments and the international community demand the implementation of the opinion and act to sanction Israeli Apartheid for its crimes against the Palestinian people.”

On July 9 2005, one year later, in response to the continued failure of the UN and states to act in order to uphold Palestinian rights and to stop Israel’s enduring regime of apartheid, colonialism and occupation, Palestinian civil society united in the call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

In occasion of the 10th anniversary of the ICJ decision regarding the Wall, 92 leading legal experts and international legal networks signed a Joint Letter ‘Time to Act’ in which they detailed the legal duties of states and warned that “The failure of the United Nations and individual Member States to uphold their binding obligations to uphold international law and world order in this case undermines the international system and faith in international law.”

Today, 15 years later, the Wall in the West Bank is continuing to be built.

Israel’s geopolitical vision traced by the Wall was already inscribed in the maps of the Oslo Agreements that defined Palestinian residential zones as Area A – largely delineating the ghettoes in which we are to be confined today. Already in 1995, Wall building started with the encircling of Gaza behind fences and walls, which has transformed into the cruel ongoing siege on the tiny coastal strip. The walls around Gaza and in the West Bank and their related infrastructure of checkpoints, bypass roads and military zones, that cut off Jerusalem and 60% of the West Bank land, are at the sight of everybody. People are loosing their homes, dozens of communities, such as Khan al Ahmar, are threatened with destruction and expulsion. The two-state solution, ostensibly supported by world leaders, is burried deep under walls and settlement expansion.

Israel and its allies in the international community have not only failed to stop the Wall that strangles our people. Worse - they have adopted the paradigm and we have entered a new era of walls. Over 70 walls are today militarizing borders and imposing state control on other people’s land.

The Trump administration has not only underwritten Israel’s policies of annexation, it works continuously to legitimize and sustain them. The first part of the so-called ‘Deal of the Centrury’, presented at the ‘Peace to Prosperity’ conference in Bahrein last month unearthed once again the World Bank proposals developed already in 2005 that we have at that time debunked as ‘Do-It-Yourself Apartheid’ - a vicious proposal to transform ghettoized and dispossessed Palestinian farmers and refugees in cheap labour for Israeli and transnational capital. The Palestinian elite was to be bought up by giving it a share.

We are today assisting a concerted attempt to exclude rights and international law as irrelevant from the conversation on Palestine. This is why it is central to uphold the ICJ decision on the Wall and the uncomfortable obligations, of which it reminds the international community.

The generalized disregard of the verdict of the world’s highest court has become de facto a green light for the law of the jungle, not only in Palestine. Like with the Walls, the neglect of UN resolutions and international agreements and law as well as human rights has become a growing trend. Those at the receiving end of this increasing lawlessness are people facing militarization, oppression and marginalization and our planet itself.

Palestine today is a global laboratory not only for Walls but for a world of where might is right.

In a world where for ever more people ‘to exist is to resist’, upholding at the very minimum international law and human rights is a question of survival. Por us Palestinians this means to stand firm in defending our basic right to self-determination.

We are continuing to resist. Since last year, the Great Return March continues to give a powerful sign that Palestinians won’t surrender to life behind ghetto walls. The dramatic situation we are living in has given momentum to our people behind the apartheid Wall to redouble their struggle and to forge new unity in the popular resistance. Beyond that, we know that for our struggle to succeed, international solidarity and a deep connection with global justice struggles across all continents is essential.

Globally, ever more movements are coming together in a common understanding that our struggles are inherently connected. The call given out by Palestinian and Mexican movements for a #WorldwithoutWalls has recently be joined by 73 solidarity and migrant rights groups in Europe.

The movement for BDS, launched in response to the inaction on the world governments, is growing and is giving us all the hope we need to continue to stand steadfast every day. It is giving us the confidence that we are not alone and soon we shall overcome.

The last 15 years have proven that only when we as people hold accountable those that decide about and profit from the crimes against us human rights gain value. They have furthermore shown that together we are strong enough to withhold the hardest times.

Today is the moment to intensify our efforts, to demand the implementation of the ICJ decision as a fundamental step towards a World without Walls and respect for human rights for all!


Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign Palestine all walls have to go As Palestinian grassroots Stop the Wall Campaign we reiterate our solidarity with the Mexican people and all those affected by the US Wall and the Trump administration’s anti-migration policies. The years of joint struggles together with Mexican movements have shown us the atrocious level of necropolitics, that include endless violations of human rights and the rights of the peoples of Mexico. Israel contributes with its weapons, technology and trainings to facilitate this veritable war on the people and reaps huge profits from this dirty business. This urgently underlines the need for the people to unite in the fight against militarization and for peace, justice and freedom.

In particular, we want to express our solidarity with those directly targeted over the last weeks by paramilitary groups. On May 23, in the vicinity of Chilapa, Guerrero, Mexico, the comrades Bartolo Hilario Morales and Isaías Xanteco Ahuejote, both of the Nahua peoples of the lower mountains of the state of Guerrero, were cruelly murdered and their bodies dishonoured. Only three days later, in Oaxaca, México, the paramilitary group ‘Antorcha Campesina’ has assaulted with machetes and firearms comrades of the Mixteca people and abducted eleven of them. Only days later those kidnapped have been released, after being brutally beaten. We demand immediate end to the killings and abuses by paramilitary and official forces and an end to impunity.

Coiniciding with US pressure on Mexico to collaborate in walling off migrants already at its southern border and to repress and criminalize them instead of supporting them, last week Irineo Mujica from Peoples Without Borders and Cristóbal Sanchez have been arrested by Mexican forces and have been released only a week later because of lack of evidence. We demand an immediate end to the imprisonment of human rights defenders and an end to anti-migration policies and Walls.

The indigenous peoples, peasant communities and grassroots activists suffer no doubt the most cruel daily repression and violence, yet, the attacks last week reached the Senate of the Republic, where Senator Citlally Hernandez was the target of an attack operated through a book-bomb. We are glad to know she is in good health.

We express our deep solidarity with the people of Mexico in struggle for their rights and against militarization and criminalization. We share the sorrow with the families, friends and communities of all those that suffer the continuous attacks and have lost their dear ones.

As Palestinians we know very well the sufferings of other brotherly people, since we live the effects of war, militarization and displacement day by day, but it is not only that which connects our struggles. Israel’s machine of military and ‘security’ companies, institutions and its models of repression, aggravates and gains profits from Mexico’s militarization. In the ‘Second Popular Tribunal on the Role of Israel in the militarization of Latin America - Mexico Chapter’ we have highlighted how our struggles are directly connected. Israel has been supporting and profiting for decades on the most serious human rights abuses in the continent and in Mexico.

Israel has exported the ideology of walls to the Mexican border and beyond. The world has ushered into an era of walls. Israel has found ways and allies to normalize walls and their related regime of exclusion, oppression and dispossession. Within a world where supremacist and racist politics are gaining ground as tools to perpetuate colonial, neoliberal, racial, gender and many more injustices, Israel is today a role model for most of the political forces of the rising far right.

We promise that we will not tire until we have broken these nefarious ties of complicity. The weapons and methods that kill the Palestinian people shall not continue to kill and repress the Mexican people! A military embargo on Israel is urgent today more than ever!

We deeply appreciate the solidarity that we have received from the Mexican territories, from Oaxaca to Tijuana. Only recently, from Mexico City to the communities in Oaxaca and other places, numerous initiatives of BDS and commemoration of the Nakba, the beginning of the ethnic cleansing of our people and the Israeli apartheid regime, have been taking place.

As Stop the Wall Campaign we call for an intensification of our joint struggle against the militarization of our peoples, our lives and our lands and their borders. We have to stand together to ensure that, neither in Palestine nor in Mexico, not one more will be dying or lingering in prisons for the basic and inalientable rights with which we are all born.

Together towards freedom, equality and justice! Together for a World without Walls!


Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign Nakba2019 Tantoura On May 17, for the 5th year in a row the Land Defense Coalition organized together with the Falestiniyat movement, formed by Palestinians inside the Green Line the commemoration of Tantura Massacre."Everyone felt for one moment that Tantura was liberated that evening and return had been achieved".

The march started at the mass grave of the martyrs of Tantura, which Israel has today transformed into a a parking lot. Some 1500 Palestinian women, men, children and elders from various parts of the West Bank and inside the Green Line participated in the march and walked to the shore where the massacre took place. The march was led by Jerusalem Scouts and attended by seven Palestinian Knesset members, representatives of political parties, Stop the Wall’s popular committees, Right of Return committees and youth movements in the West Bank and from within the Green Line.

Palestinian flags and national songs filled the place. Everyone felt for one moment that Tantura was liberated that evening as everyone felt that the return had been achieved. 231 banners holding the names of the victims had been put in the sand of Tantura’s seashore. National songs, speeches and dabka performances have brought life back to the place of the cruel massacre. After sunset, everybody gathered for the traditional breakfast of Ramadan and continued until late at night.

Tantoura was one of the worst massacres during the Nakba in 1948. On 22 and 23 of May 1948, Israeli military brutally killed 231 mostly unarmed residents of Tantoura, reportedly raped women and deported survivors, who until today live in the refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq, as well as in the West Bank.

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign Youth Nakba 2019 Stop the Wall participated in and organized a number of activities to commemorate 71 years since the Nakba (arabic for ‘catastrophe’), the mass expulsion of the Palestinian people from their homes and lands, started. Beyond national actions, the youth reaffirmed their commitment to return and Saffa remembered those killed in the battles to defend the village. Commemoration of the Nakba in Ramallah

On Nakba Day (May 15) over 2000 people marched in Ramallah from the tomb of the martyred President Yasser Arafat until the city center, where the Palestinian flags and black banners were raised to commemorate the Nakba.  The mass mobilization was organized by the National Committee to commemorate the 71st anniversary of the Nakba, in which the popular committees of the Stop the Wall Campaign and the Land Defense Coalition participated.

“Raise the Flag of Return" - Commemoration of the Nakba in Tulkarem

On the same day, the Palestinian Youth Forum and university students coalitions from different political parties launched the ‘Raise the flag of Return’ initiative. Hundreds of students in many Palestinian universities, in the diaspora and the occupied territories in 1948 participated in the activities. In each of the places, youth put up posters everywhere to reaffirm their determination to struggle for the right of return of the Palestinian refugees.

Remembering those that died in struggle in the village of Saffa

On Nakba Day, the popular committee of the village of Saffa in coordination with the Stop the Wall Campaign and the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee commemorate the 71st anniversary of the Nakba. In front of the memorial of the martyrs in the center square of Saffa, over 200 people from the village along with 15 representatives of popular committees participated in a torch lightening ceremony. The event was held next to the memorial stone that bears the names of the 53 martyrs from the village that died defending Saffa during the Nakba in 1948, during the occupation of the West Bank in 67, the first and the second Intifadas until 5 years ago when the village had to mourn the last time a martyr. 

Tulkarem - for a new generation of struggle

On May 14, one day before Nakba Day, activists from the Palestine Youth Forum at the Khadouri Technical University and activists from the Stop the Wall Campaign participated in a volunteer work day under the slogan ‘From Tulkarem to Haifa’. The volunteers cleaned and painted the area and streets around the Jamal Abdel Nasser school in the commitment to foster a new generation of Palestinians ready to defend the right of return. 

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign Please find here a background note that gives facts and further information about Israel's role in European anti-migration policies. This underscores the importance of the joint call for a #WorldwithoutWalls, issued on May 15 2019 - Nakba Day by 73 networks and movements work for the rights of the Palestinian people and migrant rights across Europe.  ISRAEL AS A MODEL FOR EU DISCRIMINATORY ANTI-MIGRATION POLICIES

Even though the concept of Fortress Europe dates back to the 1985 Schengen Agreement, the anti-migration policies of the European Union and its member states have increased dramatically in recent years. Many of these policies are directly influenced by Israeli policies and/or use Israeli technology to implement them.

Since 2002, when Israel started building its apartheid Wall in the occupied West Bank and received global condemnation for its construction, Israeli-style walls have become a model for ‘border management’. Walls have become the sign of our times.

Today, 30 years from the fall of the Berlin Wall, states in the Schenghen area have constructed almost 1000 km of walls, the equivalent of more than six times the total length of the Berlin Wall (1). In addition to these physical walls, the EU is building ever more ‘virtual walls’ made up of surveillance technology on land or at sea.

The EU’s efforts to control and seal access from the Mediterranean pay $68m to Elbit Systems to provide its Hermes 900 patrol system based on the company’s most advanced killer drone. Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest private military company, a core contractor for Israel’s apartheid Wall and has provided these drones to the Israeli military that praised them as "phenomenal" and "a real asset" (2) in the 2014 military assault on Gaza, which killed 2,250 Palestinians, including more than 500 children (3). FRONTEX has contracted (4) for 4.75 million euro (5) drones by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) for daily ‘security and coastal guard missions’.The EU’s ‘Safeshore’ project cooperates with Israeli police to detect ‘humans emerging from the sea’ (6).

The EU externalises its borders through deals with other states in an attempt to keep the suffering of refugees out of sight. If they are able to reach European shores and territory, migrants are confronted with criminalization, racism, discrimination and islamophobia on a daily basis. Especially the undocumented among them are very heavily affected by the daily reality of exclusion, mass raids and deportations. The Permanent People’s Tribunal on Human Rights of Migrant and Refugee Peoples has therefore come to the conclusion that “the immigration and asylum policies and practices of the EU and its Member States constitute a total denial of the fundamental rights of people and migrants, and are veritable crimes against humanity: even though they may not be personally ascribable to individual perpetrators according to commonly agreed criminal law definitions they must be recognised as “system crimes”.” (7)

These repressive and dehumanizing policies are as well securitizing European societies. Together with the sealing of Europe’s borders, comes the a vision where migrants or all those that don’t fit within the artificial construction of culturally and/or ethnically homogenous Europe are considered ‘security risks’ or ‘threats’. Such concepts of supremacy and exclusivity are at the core of Israel’s apartheid regime. They directly fuel racism and militarization and lead, finally, to the current trends that criminalize of all those standing for the rights of migrants.

While Israel denies refuge to non-Jewish migrants and refugees, and continues to dispossess Palestinians, it attempts to whitewash these ongoing crimes through humanitarian support to migrants outside Israel. IsraAID, an Israeli organization, supported by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (8), has been providing aid to migrants in Greece since 2015 (9), primarily in Lesvos island, the main point of entry between Turkey and the EU. In Lesvos, since 2016, migrants are kept in an open air prison, prohibited from traveling to continental Europe. The Israeli state-sponsored organizations operating in Greece erase the identity of Palestinian refugees, and in many cases contribute to the normalization of the imprisonment of migrants in open air prison like Lesvos.


The European Union will quadruple its budget (10) for border militarization up to 2020, reaching more than €21.3 billion. The EU is increasing funds for the Frontex program, among others to build a 10 000 strong standing army (11) targeting migrants. In addition, 40% of the €11.3 billion on migration management will be devoted to deportations (12).

This increasing budget for anti-migration policies walling-off Europe is in turn set to sustain Israel’s military industry. Israel’s Ministry of Defense announced last year that Europe is a “significant target for defense transactions, mainly in terms of ‘border defenses’” (13). Israel is already the world’s 7th largest arms and military exporter and only due to its capacity to sell across the globe the technology and methodology, that it daily tests on Palestinians, it can perpetuate its policies of apartheid, occupation and colonialism against the Palestinian people.



Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign Nakba 2019 WorldwithoutWalls 73 European Palestine solidarity and migrants rights groups and networks from 17 European states have chosen Nakba Day 2019 – the Day Palestinians reaffirm their commitment to the struggle for the return of their refugees – to unite in a joint call for a #WorldwithoutWalls in order to claim the right for all to move, to stay and to return in freedom, justice and equality.

This joint call is based on a common understanding that “European anti-migration policies, that in many cases resemble Israeli paradigms and are implemented often with Israeli technology, are targeting migrants, finance Israeli apartheid and military occupation against Palestinians and militarize European societies.”

From Greece to Ireland and from Finnland to the Spanish State, organizations have committed to raise awareness about the interconnections of our struggles against walls, exclusion and repression, to jointly oppose European anti-migration policies and stop the corporate profiteering of the ‘wall industry’ that enables, facilitates and profits from the visible and invisible walls of injustice, including through the strengthening of the Palestinian lead BDS movement.

As Stop the Wall Campaign in Palestine we deeply thank all those that have built with us this initiative in order to start this coming together of people and movements. This joint statement for us represents far more than an awareness about our common predicament and the intercconections between the powers and policies that oppress us. We see in it the starting point of a joint struggle we are committed to build together with all of you.

A #WorldwithoutWalls is more urgent and necessary than ever before.

You can still join and add your organization or movement to ensure you can be part of the process. Please sign here:

Please see below the full statement with the list of signatories.



Joint statement for a World without Walls from European Palestine solidarity and migrants rights groups and networks

Walls, anti-migration policies and racism are on the rise in Europe and across the globe. We, undersigned movements and organizations, are conscious of the suffering that Walls and their associated policies bring about. This is why we commit to stand together and build together struggles for a #WorldwithoutWalls in order to claim the right for all to move, to stay and to return in freedom, justice and equality.

We have chosen to issue this statement on May 15 – Nakba Day –, which commemorates the mass expulsion of the Palestinian people in 1948 and the ongoing struggle of the six million Palestinian refugees that until today are barred by Israel from exercising their fundamental right to return to their homes. We are mindful of the fact that Israel’s ongoing policies of displacement and its policies of enclosure of the remaining Palestinian population behind walls are in many ways connected with the lives of migrants and with European policies.

30 years after the Berlin Wall fell, Europe has built already over one thousand kilometers of walls at its borders and continues to increase its funding for more and more physical and virtual walls. It reduces migrants from human beings to ‘security risks’, whose human rights are routinely and with impunity violated.

European anti-migration policies, that in many cases resemble Israeli paradigms and are implemented often with Israeli technology, are targeting migrants, finance Israeli apartheid and military occupation against Palestinians and militarize European societies.

In order to break these ties of complicity that further human rights violations, we have resolved to join the call for a #WorldwithoutWalls, launched in 2017 by Palestinian and Mexican movements and endorsed by over 370 movements, networks and organizations aceoss the globe.

We will work together to:

  • Educate ourselves and the world we are living in about the deep interconnections between our struggles and the urgency to overcome the ideology of walls, exclusion and repression and to build alternatives of solidarity and global justice.

  • Oppose European anti-migration policies that harm us all.

  • Stop the corporate profiteering of the ‘wall industry’ and tackle the architecture of impunity that shields corporations enabling, facilitating and profiting from the visible and invisible walls of injustice, including through the strengthening of the Palestinian lead BDS movement.

The Undersigned:

  1. Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de l'Homme (France)

  2. Alternative Refugee Centre (Switzerland)

  3. Association France Palestine Solidarité - AFPS (France)

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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign hyena The Israeli occupation forces together with the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority have this week set wild thirty hyenas in the northern Jordan Valley that are attacking the farmers and Palestinian communities in the area. The animals have started attacking the communities and are a threat to the farmers and especially their families and children.
Striped hyenas as in the picture have been historically living in Palestine. Yet, since years the number, ways and locations in which Israeli authorities and settlers release wild animals in the occupied West Bank has turned these animals into part of Israel's methods to make live unbearable for Palestinians in small communities whose lands Israel aims to annex and whose homes it wants to destroy.   In 2010, Maan News reported that Israeli military even threatened to invade Kufr Thuluth, in the Qalqiliya district, using the search for a 'missing hyena' as an excuse.
More often than hyenas, Israel uses the placement of wild boars so they destroy the crops and attack poultry and even people.
While wildlife protection, including the protection of the striped hyena would be a laudable act, using these animals as part of a systematic strategy to ethnically cleanse people from their homes is despicable.
In other cases attacks by wild animals already naturally living in the West Bank have as well been triggered by the building of the apartheid Wall and Israel's settler infrastructure. Animals find their habitat destroyed, their movement barred and they are trapped together with the Palestinian population behind in the ghettoes built by the apartheid Wall.

Informazioni sul Fronte Palestina

Per sviluppare un lavoro di classe nel sostegno alla lotta di liberazione della Palestina e degli altri popoli oppressi e aggrediti dall'imperialismo, oltre alle sterili e dannose concezioni del pacifismo e dell'equidistanza tra aggressori e aggrediti che hanno in gran parte contribuito ad affossare il movimento contro la guerra nel nostro paese negli ultimi anni, si è deciso di fondare l'organismo nazionale Fronte Palestina.

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