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Palestinian communities living in Silwan, Sheikh Jarrah and the Old City face increasingly brutal Israeli practices of ethnic cleansing and its discriminatory legal system.

Stop the Wall has released a new web-page highlighting how the Israeli ethnic cleansing scheme in Jerusalem impacts the families living in these areas and how people’s power to resist Israeli apparatuses of apartheid, settler colonialism and violence is growing;

This report in this new web-page, which has been done through the support of grassroots organizers in Jerusalem, as well as previous efforts by human rights groups, sheds some light on the role the international community as a civil society and governments can play to #SaveJerusalem, #SaveSilwan and #SaveShiekhJarrah.

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Yesterday, thousands of Palestinians took to the streets of Hebron, Ramallah and Bethlehem calling for the overthrow of the Palestinian Authority and the cancelation of the Oslo Accords signed with Israel in 1993, including the security coordination with the Israeli military.

These protests erupted after the brutal murder of political activist Nizar Banat by some two dozen PA security forces on Thursday, June 24th, 2021.

Assassinated political activist Nizar Banat

Like the previous protests, yesterday’s demonstrations were met with excessive use of violence to suppress and disperse the peaceful protesters who are calling for dismantling the authoritarian system of the PA as part of holding the murderers of Banat accountable.

In Ramallah, once hundreds of people gathered at Al-Sa’ah Square at 6.00 PM, hundreds of the PA security forces dressing in civilian clothes raided the place and started dispersing the protesters through using violence.

Many protesters, males and females were severely and savagely beaten by the undercover security forces. Those who tried to rescue them were met with more violence.

Women were particularly targeted by the security forces. According to witnesses of Stop the Wall team who was in the area, many women were seen screaming in the streets of Ramallah. Some were being violently assaulted while others were being sexually abused.

Members of monitoring teams of human rights violations like Al-Haq’s were assaulted by the security forces in an attempt to stop them from documenting the human rights violations committed by them.

The security forces also attacked journalists, damaged and confiscated their equipment to hide the horrific suppression of the peaceful protesters.

Ahmad Tal’aat, a Palestinian journalist assaulted by PA forces yesterday while he was trying to document the abuse of a woman in Ramallah by PA forces.

The undercover security forces used batons, pepper spray and sharp metal wires to assault the protesters and intimidate them.

All of the violent assaults were committed under the protection of armed police officers.

Due to the brutality of the security forces and the collusion of the police with them, Stop the Wall team could not take pictures of or film the huge human rights abuses that took place yesterday in Ramallah.

In both Hebron and Bethlehem, the demonstrators were also met with violence. Through batons, tear gas and stun grenades, the armed security forces of the PA suppressed the protesters.

Palestinians see in their continuous protests against the PA authoritarianism and securitization an urgency not only to hold the murderers of Banat accountable, but to protect themselves from more violence and suppression of free speech and assembly.

43-year-old Nizar Banat, a father of five children, was an outspoken and harsh critic of the very authoritarian and securitized system of the PA that the protesters are calling for it to be dismantled. This oppressive system, Palestinians believe only serves in entrenching Israel’s three-tiered system of oppression: Settler colonialism, apartheid and military occupation.

The PA authoritarianism is a regime that allows for more space of collaboration with the Israeli occupation through security coordination with the Israeli military.   

The consolidation of the PA oppressive structures to which Banat and others before him were lost has been enabled through Western support, mainly the US and the European Union to its security forces.

European and American aid to the post-2007 security reform processes as part of the so-called state building project has resulted in the absence of democracy and accountability. The support that has been given to the PA autocracy rather than to the people under Israeli occupation has also undermined Palestinian decolonization project through solidifying the oppressive Israeli colonial regime.

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On Thursday, 24 June, 2021, some two dozen officers of the Palestinian Authority [PA] broke into the home of Nizar Banat, a candidate of the cancelled parliamentary elections, an advocate of free speech, and an outspoken critic of the PA’s corruption and security coordination with the Israeli occupation.

According to members of Banat’s family, the PA security officers stripped Banat off his clothes, dragged him away while they were screaming at him and beat him on the head with batons and pieces of metal. Few hours later, he was announced dead in custody.

In response to the assassination of Banat thousands of Palestinians have been rallying in the streets since Thursday.

These protests have been yet another expression of the new phase of our struggle that has seen its awakening during the recent protests that spread across all of historic Palestine and were sparked by the attacks of our people in Jerusalem. These new protests are based on popular unity and the rejection of all forms of oppression. Together we stand on the streets, determined to shape our future, gain self-determination, demand democracy and rights, and achieve freedom, justice and equality.   

The peaceful protesters are calling for holding the murderers of Banat accountable, the overthrow of the PA, and the cancellation of the Oslo Accords, including the security coordination with the Israeli occupation.

The peaceful protests have been met with batons and tear gas fired by dozens of the PA security forces dressed in riot gear. Tens of others have been beaten and arrested by the PA undercover security forces wearing civilian clothing. Journalists and teams of human rights organizations that monitor human rights violations have been assaulted and their phones confiscated by PA officers.

Worse than this, after yesterday’s protest in Ramallah, armed PA officers stormed the Palestine Medical Complex and arrested some of the injured protesters who were getting treatment there.

The brutal murder of Banat, who was arrested by the PA eight times and survived a number of assassinations attempts before, is part of ongoing authoritarian policies of the PA and result of its ‘security doctrine’. Over the years, Palestinian and international human rights organizations have documented and denounced repression of protests and dissent, including repression of freedom of speech online, as well as excessive use of force, torture and ill-treatment.

In addition to the oppression inflicted upon us by Israel’s three-tiered system of oppression: Settler colonialism, apartheid and military occupation, which is entrenched through the PA security coordination with the Israeli military, the PA authoritarianism and policing practiced against the Palestinian people represent additional layers of subjugation, oppression and apparatuses of violence.

Following the murder of Banat, international actors released statements of condemnation. Yet, we assert that the international community is complicit in solidifying the undemocratic and suppressive system of the PA.

The PA structural authoritarianism and policing of Palestinians are an outcome of the post-2007 state building project, that hinged to a large extent on the so-called “security reform”. The Office of the US Security Coordinator Lt-General Keith Dayton oversaw a large amount of the building of the post-2007 security forces, including training, arms transfer and other funding.  Another key supporter of this effort is the European Union’s Europol COPPS.

By 2013, donors had succeeded in shaping the PA’s budget so that $1 billion (26% of the budget) were allocated to the ‘security sector’, more than what was spent for the education, health and agriculture sectors together.

Western powers have been entrenching the PA authoritarianism and the so-called security reform within a colonial occupation context as they see in the PA a key player in the phony peace process with Israel. In fact, the consolidation of the PA authoritarian and security regime has only resulted in better collaboration with the Israeli occupation while Palestinian national aspirations, on top of which the right to self-determination continue to be denied and violated.

Stop the Wall Campaign strongly condemns the brutal killing of Banat and the violent suppression of peaceful protesters by the PA security forces; we also join the multitude of protesters and call for:

  • The immediate release of people arrested in the recent protests and other political prisoners in the PA prisons.
  • The end of the oppressive authoritarian system of the PA headed by Mahmoud Abbas.
  • The end of the infamous Oslo Accords signed in 1993 between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel.
  • Forming a united Palestinian leadership to be responsible for:
  1. The reactivation of the Palestine Liberation Organization as a representative of the Palestinian people.
  2. Conducting free and fair elections.
  3. Redefining the role that should be played by the government institutions, including the security institutions that have been in place since the establishment of the PA.

On the international community we call:

  • Governments around the world, especially those that have been complicit in supporting the PA authoritarianism to pressure the PA to respect Palestinian and International Law by stopping the suppression of the freedom of speech and assembly; including the release of political prisoners.
  • International human rights organizations and the UN Human Rights Council to pressure governments to act and stop the PA human rights violations of the Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank.
  • Western powers, mainly the EU and the US, to immediately stop their cooperation, training, weapons transfer and funding for the PA security forces and instead redirect support to Palestinian farmers and workers most affected by Israeli policies of dispossession.

On international human rights and solidarity groups:

  • To continue to stand with and listen to the people resisting oppression. 
  • To never forget the root cause – Israel’s decades old regime of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid and international complicity with it.
  • To keep demanding an end to all forms of complicity with oppression of the Palestinian people, foremost through the strengthening of the global movement for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

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Since months, Palestinians across Historic Palestine have been rising up against decades of Israeli settler colonialism and apartheid. In the village of Beita, south of Nablus city, Palestinians have not only been protesting decades of Israeli oppression, but also intensified Israeli land pillage of their land.

The ongoing protests since over a month come as a rejection to the Israeli construction of a settler outpost on Mount Sabih, as well as the seizure of lands belonging to Palestinians from the villages of Beita, Huwarra, and Za’tara to inaugurate a new Jewish-only bypass road.

Murder at point blank

To disperse and suppress the protesters who ascend Mount Sabih almost every day, combat-ready Israeli soldiers use fatal violence against them. In almost one month, four Palestinians from the village of Beita have been lost to Israeli brutality while trying to oust the settler outpost built on top of Mount Sabih.

The brutal murder of Ahmad Zahi Banishamsah, 16, on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, is the latest Israeli crime against the peaceful protesters of Beita.

Like hundreds of other young protesters, Mohammed was expressing his outrage at the Israeli plunder of lands belonging to his village when an Israeli soldier shot him in the head with live ammunition. The medical staff at Rafidya hospital in the city of Nablus tried desperately to save his live but they failed after he succumbed to his wounds hours after he was shot.

Less than a week before, on Friday, June 11, 2021, the Israeli occupation forces shot dead Mohammed Said Hamayel. Mohammed, who is only a year younger than Ahmad, was participating on the Friday protest, where thousands from Beita and neighboring villages demonstrate at Mount Sabih, when Israeli soldiers shot him with a live bullet in the heart.

The third protester killed by the Israeli occupation was 28-year-old Zakariya Hamayel, a teacher of Arabic. He was shot in the chest on Friday, May 28th.

With eyes full of tears, his father narrates:

“We were about to have lunch when Zakariya left the house to Mount Sabih. I insisted on him to have his lunch first before he joins the other protesters. Yet, he refused and told me:

“I am in a rush as my cousin got injured and I need to help him.”

He left and never returned back.”

About three weeks before the killing of Zakariya, the residents of Beita mourned the Israeli murder of 42-year-old Issa Burhm. Issa is a father of four children.

While he was in a family gathering, he heard the voice of someone calling on anyone who has a car to go to Mount Sabih and transport injured protesters to hospital after the Israeli occupation prevented ambulances from accessing them. Burhm did not hesitate to help the wounded protesters.

He ascended Mount Sabih, and while he was carrying one of the injured protesters, an Israeli soldier shot him in the belly. While people were carrying him to hospital, he could only utter a few words before he passed away minutes after he was shot: “Don’t come with me… return back to the Mount [Mount Sabih] … my daughters.”

In addition to the point-blank murder of four peaceful protesters, hundreds of others have been injured with live ammunition, rubber-coated bullets and tear gas. Those who are neither killed nor injured are now being tortured in Israeli colonial dungeons as the Israeli occupation have intensified its overnight raid of Beita to arrest protesters.  

land pillage as an apartheid measure

Medhat Jaghoub, the head of Nablus Governorate Farmers’ association, who is also from Beita, comments on Israeli violence stating:  

“Since the start of the protests about more than a month ago, Israeli soldiers have been using excessive violence to stop the relentless protesting of people against the pillage of our lands either to construct a new settler outpost or to inaugurate a new bypass road.

What poses another threat to us is that the settlers inhabiting the 30 portable houses that have been erected on Mount Sabih so far are armed against us.

It is hard for the ambulances to reach those who are shot by the Israeli occupation army as they have set up cement blocks on the entrances of the village.”

In addition to the construction of a settler outpost on Mount Sabih, the Israeli occupation forces have erected another one on Mount Al-Arma, to the north of Beita, a few months ago.

Both Mount Sabih and Mount Al-Arma enjoy a strategic location as they overlook the Jordan Valley, a fertile land threatened with Israeli annexation. Seizing the two hilltops represents a panoptical defensive tool as they would grant the Israeli occupation with a panoramic view over the Jordan Valley and the whole district of Nablus. This is why the Israeli occupation authorities have assigned them a place in its settlement expansion project.

The construction of settler outposts on both Mount Sabih and Mount Al-Arma is not the first of its kind. Before the newly erected outpost on Mount Sabih, there was another one removed due to Palestinian resistance. This was preceded by Israeli attempts to construct a military base on the hilltop.

Similar to Mount Sabih, Mount Al-Arma has been targeted by colonial greed more than once.

Attempts to take over Mount Al-Arma have started in the 1980s; but all of these attempts failed due to Palestinian popular protests. Latest of which was on March, 2020, when protesters succeeded in warding off Israeli Jewish settlers from the area. Thanks to more than a month of protesting, where the Israeli occupation murdered two Palestinian minors that Palestinians could achieve this victory; which has been recently disrupted by the re-construction of another settler outpost on Mount Al-Arma.

The re-erection of a settler outpost on Mount Sabih in the south of Beita, another one on Mount Al-Arma to the north of the village and a bypass road to the west is an Israeli measure to ghettoize Palestinian communities and disrupt their geographic contiguity with other Palestinian towns and villages.

Moreover, both Jewish-only bypass roads and settlements are part of the Israeli apartheid matrix of control over the West Bank; in addition to military checkpoints, the Apartheid Wall and the classification of certain areas as closed military or firing zones.

Confrontations between unarmed Palestinian protesters and armed Israeli soldiers at the closed entrance of Beita.
Photo credit: Quds News Network

However, weeks of Israeli colonial violence, mourning of beloved ones, arrest of Palestinians and siege of Beita have failed to shake off the spirit of resistance among Palestinians there. Through their fervent steadfastness and clinging to the certitude of hope that the oppressed will win one day, the people of Beita render Israeli apparatuses of violence, apartheid and colonialism as ineffective to stop their protests to reclaim their lands.

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“My family which consists of twenty-one members has two houses in Al-Bustan, and another one in Batn AlHawa neighborhoods of Silwan in Jerusalem. In these three houses our existence is threatened with Israeli ethnic cleansing.

While the Israeli authorities want to demolish our two houses in Al-Bustan under the pretext that they were built without a permit, which we never obtain from the discriminatory Jerusalem municipality, they want to expel us from our home in Batn Al Hawa and replace us with Jewish settlers,” narrates Qutayba Odeh, a Palestinian resident of Silwan. Qutayba goes on saying: 

“What my family faces echoes what hundreds of other Palestinian families living in Jerusalem encounter. Regardless of the difference of Jerusalem neighborhoods in terms of names, be it Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan or the Old City of Jerusalem, our cause and plight are the same.”

“They [the Israeli occupation authorities],” Qutayba bitterly adds, “seek to reduce us to a minority in Jerusalem to enable Jewish settlers to become a majority. We reject to live the same Nakba [catastrophe] that our forefathers and foremothers experienced before.

“Tomorrow, there will be a court hearing for families from Batn AlHawa…. Through its municipality and settler organizations, the Israeli occupation seeks to commit a war crime in Silwan.

More than six neighborhoods in Silwan are threatened with forcible expulsion and ethnic cleansing… this crime is committed through the municipality of Jerusalem, which is responsible for demolishing Palestinian buildings constructed without a permit and through settler organizations operating in Jerusalem and centering its settlement expansion activities in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and inside the Old City of Jerusalem.

Qutayba, his family and many other families threatened with ethnic cleansing are plagued with an apartheid system that aims to fulfill further objectives of the settler colonial project of Israel: eliminating the existence of Palestinians on their land to make way for Jewish settlers to live on it.

Silwan imminent ethnic cleansing: A culmination of a prolonged process 

About 55, 000 Palestinians live in the village of Silwan, located a stone’s throw away from the southern part of AlAqsa Mosque. It includes the neighborhoods of Wadi Qadoum, Ras Al-Amoud, Ein Al-Loza, Al-Thowri, Al-Shiyah, Wasat Al-Balad, Kharat Al-Tank, Bir Ayoub, Hart-Al-Yaman, Al-Bustan, Wadi Hilweh, Wadi Yasul and Batn AlHawa.

Like all Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the residents of Silwan are ‘permanent residents, a temporary stateless status, where Palestinians there are treated like foreign visitors who come and reside in Israel. 

  Since the Israeli occupation and unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem, the settler colonial gaze of Israel has turned towards Silwan and other areas in the city of Jerusalem, including the Old City and Sheikh Jarrah.

Since then, Palestinian residents of Silwan have been enduring Israeli systematic violence as part of the coercive measures to expel them from their homes: Home demolition, transfer of houses in the area to Israeli settlers, and violence of settlers and Israeli occupation forces against Palestinians there.

Photo credit: Silwanic

On top of that, Palestinians in Silwan are at risk due to the constant Israeli underground archeological excavations in the area, that are aimed at unburying traces of the three-millennia-old First and Second Jewish Temples, which some Jews believe were built where the Al-Aqsa Mosque now stands.

The tunnel and channel excavations in the area, which are carried out by El-Ad, a private Jewish settler organization in collaboration with the Israel Antiquities Authority, have caused damages in roads and several houses in Silwan.

photo credit: Middle East Eye

With the hammer digging Silwan, Israeli discriminatory laws, and Israeli bulldozers demolishing Palestinian houses and rifles expelling Palestinians by force from their homes in Silwan, Israel seeks to solidify the existence of about 400 settlers living in what was once Palestinian houses, and pave the way for more settlers to steal Palestinian homes.

According to Sami (a pseudonym), “the prolonged, yet recently accelerated ethnic cleansing of Silwan is part of a larger scheme: Effacing Palestinian existence in the areas circling the Old City of Jerusalem; many of the threatened areas will be transformed to national parks once Palestinians are expelled from there.”

Collusion between the state and its organizations= Effective apartheid

Since 1967, the Israeli authorities have not approved a master plan for Silwan, and building permits for new Palestinian homes or expansion of existing ones are almost impossible to obtain.

Due to the lack of building permits, with the natural increase in the population, Palestinian inhabitants have no other choice but to build without a permit.  In response, the Israeli authorities impose huge fines – many families owe hundreds of thousands of shekels. In the end, most Palestinian homes built without a permit are demolished, resulting in forcible displacement of the Palestinian residents.

In a desperate attempt to thwart Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses built without a permit, Sami states, “the residents of threatened houses have been negotiating since 2007 with the municipality of Jerusalem through their lawyers and provided structural plans so that the already built houses become protected from demolition.”

He adds, “yet, the municipality have recently rejected the plans starting the countdown for bulldozing hundreds of houses in Silwan, particularly in Batn Alhawa.”

Sami asserts that “the Israeli occupation authorities have accelerated the ethnic cleansing of Silwan and other parts of Jerusalem. They have been emboldened by the recognition of the Trump administration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as well as by the infamous signing of normalization deals between Israel and some oppressive Arab regimes.”

Today, about 700 houses in Silwan are threatened with demolition. The Palestinians inhabiting these houses wake up every day expecting it to be the last day for them in their homes before Israeli bulldozers come and raze them to the ground, with their dreams and aspirations buried underneath the rubble.

In addition to using the discriminatory permit system as a justification to demolish Palestinian houses, and, accordingly, expel Palestinians from Silwan, the Israeli occupation authorities started applying its Absentee Property law once it occupied the eastern part of Jerusalem in 1967.

Palestinians who lived outside the new municipal boundaries of Jerusalem yet owned land or property inside the city limits have been defined as ‘absentees.’

To ensure the pillage of more Palestinian houses in Jerusalem, the Israeli government passed the ‘Law and Administration Procedures Law’ in 1970. This law pertains to property owned by Jews prior to the 1948 Palestinian Nakba. The Israeli Custodian of ‘absentee property’ has the authority to release these properties to their pre-1948 owners or their heirs.  This, of course, does not apply to millions of Palestinians expelled from their homes either in Jerusalem or other parts of Palestine in 1948.

Through ‘Absentee Property’ law, the 1970 law, fake documents falsely proving Jewish ownership of Palestinian houses and fraudulent sales, government-backed Jewish settler organizations like the Jewish National Fund, El’ad and Ateret Cohanim are actively engaged in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from some 90 houses located in Batn Alhawa and elsewhere and elsewhere in Jerusalem.

In its study titled, “A Threshold Crossed,” Human Rights Watch sheds light on the activities of these settler organizations within the framework of apartheid. The internationally influential human rights organization asserts:

“In the city [Jerusalem], Israel effectively maintains one set of rules for Jewish Israelis and another for Palestinians […] Beyond formal state confiscation, discriminatory laws and policies enable settler and settler organizations to take possession of Palestinian homes, evict the Palestinian landowners, and transfer their property to Jewish owners in East Jerusalem neighborhoods.”

Ghettoization of Jerusalem

The ethnic cleansing of different areas in Jerusalem, particularly its eastern part seized in the 1967 War, has been in place the moment the Israeli occupation forces occupied the city. The acceleration of ethnic cleansing seen in the imminent expulsion of Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, who number about 7850 people in the two neighborhoods is just a continuation of what started decades ago.

Indeed, the expulsion of 7850 people is an operation of mass ethnic cleansing of an occupied people. Yet, in 2002, many of the world governments watched with deafened ears and blinded eyes a much bigger mass ethnic cleansing of about 225, 000 Palestinians from Jerusalem. This took place when Israel started the construction of a 181-kilometer-high apartheid wall on our land around Jerusalem. The construction of Israel’s Wall surrounding Jerusalem is almost complete today.

By building the Wall, Israel isolated from Jerusalem 22 villages that historically used to be part of the borders of Jerusalem. Some of these villages were already excluded from the municipality of Jerusalem right after the occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967. Others, including, Kufr Aqab, Eastern Sawahri, Shufat Refugee Camp, Dahiyat Assalam, Sameeramees, AlWalajeh and Qalandya used to be part of the Jerusalem municipality even after 1967.

Palestinian village of Bir Nabala isolated from Jerusalem by the Wall

Through isolating these 22 villages, the Israeli authorities aimed at changing the demography of Jerusalem in favor of Jewish settlers.

 They attempted to deny Palestinians living in these villages their rights to the city. These Palestinians hold a so-called ‘permanent residency’, which allows them to be connected to Jerusalem and live inside the limits of the city as determined by the Israeli authorities. Yet, this plan had a boomerang effect on Israel. Many Jerusalemites left these isolated villages to live inside the city during the early years of the Wall construction in order to preserve their ‘permanent residency’ status.

Hence, the Israeli authorities allowed Jerusalemites to live in the villages that used to be part of the Jerusalem municipality. They even put no restrictions on Palestinian construction in these areas like Kufr Aqab to encourage Palestinians who are denied construction permits inside Jerusalem to reside in these areas.

According to the coordinator of Stop the Wall Jamal Juma’, who is also a Jerusalemite living in Kufr Aqab,

“Israel has been silently ethnically cleansing Palestinians from Jerusalem by allowing them to build without a permit in the areas isolated by the Wall.

These areas lack adequate infrastructure that meet human needs. They are marginalized and underdeveloped Bantustans.

For instance, before the construction of the Wall, Kufr Aqab used to have a population of about 15,000 people. Nowadays, it has reached about 100,000 people living in a now completely overcrowded neighbourhood.

On top of that, we are sure that one day Israel will strip us of the ‘permanent residency’ status and totally isolate us from Jerusalem.” 

Israel imposes on Palestinians an apartheid system in order to continue ethnically cleansing Palestinians. The ongoing and escalated ethnic cleansing campaign of Jerusalem is only one among other ethnic cleansing campaigns across Historic Palestine.

AlAraqeeb Bedouin community in the Naqab desert in present-day Israel has been demolished 180 times and people are steadfast awaiting the next demolition raid.

The Bedouin community of Humsa in the Jordan Valley, occupied West Bank was demolished six times in less than four months. Recently, Israel has undertaken the intensification of its water apartheid practices against Humsa residents denying them access to water as another measure to expel them after the steadfastness of the community rendered demolition as a failed tool of ethnic cleansing.

Through this, Israel seeks to fulfill the Zionist vision of a constructed ethnic homogeneity, where the presence of any Palestinian is seen as a failure in realizing this racist vision.

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What first began as a daily protest in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem against Israeli imminent ethnic cleansing of six Palestinian families there and Ramadan protests at Damascus Gate and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem spontaneously spread to the rest of Historic Palestine and has grown to become a massive uprising.

This is not a popular revolt only against the ethnic cleansing of six families in Sheikh Jarrah or the restrictions of Palestinian access to Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan. Rather, it is an uprising, or as Palestinians call it an Intifada, against decades of Israeli apartheid and settler colonialism.

Our ongoing Nakba has to end

What has been happening in Jerusalem since weeks is part of the ongoing and recurring Nakba [Catastrophe] of the Palestinian people. The Nakba is ongoing as it is a continuation of past Israeli actions and present implementation of settler colonial plans towards forging another future. Israel pushes forward the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, the total obliteration of Palestinian existence and ghettoization of our people in ever-smaller enclaves punctuated by Israeli settlements, the apartheid Wall, military checkpoints and bypass roads.

Today, Palestinians of all generations, particularly youth, come together in astounding unity as one force demanding the liberation of Palestine.

In the occupied West Bank, the current uprising represents a rejection of layers of oppression. When youth go to the streets every day, they call for an end to the paradigm and policies defined by the Palestinian Authority (PA). They embody the rejection of the political framework of the Oslo Accords,  which is nothing less than an obstacle on their path of struggle against Israeli three-tiered system of oppression: Settler colonialism, apartheid and military occupation. The PA, which was formed as part of the Oslo Accords signed by the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1993, is seen by Palestinians as a quisling authority that maintains security coordination with Israel, helping the apartheid regime that oppresses them to suppress any youth movement.

The Israeli apparatuses of violence have always focused their repression of the Palestinian liberation movement on the youth. They understand well the essential role of youth in any uprising.

Thousands of Palestinian youth and children are imprisoned and tortured every year. Many youths are murdered during protests at Israeli checkpoints.

However, decades of Israeli oppression have created a generation of youth full of energy to rise up and call for their rights no matter what the consequences are.

Ramallah, the stronghold of the PA is one among hundreds of other areas across the West Bank, in which youth have risen up at Israeli military checkpoints. Every day, hundreds of young protesters gather at Beit Eil checkpoint and repeat scenes of the first Palestinian Intifada: tire-burning as a means to make it hard for Israeli soldiers to shoot protestors, chanting national slogans and throwing small stones at heavily armed Israeli soldiers that hardly reach them while standing on the top of a hill.

26-year-old Zaher (a pseudonym) narrates why he is motivated to protest every day at Beit Eil checkpoint saying:  

“I come here every day because I want to defend our just cause. I also protest to support my people being massacred by the Israeli occupation in Gaza and my people abused and threatened with ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah.

Coming here no matter if I throw stones or not is important as we want to remind them and the world that there is a Palestinian people who exists and cannot be totally ignored or forgotten.

Although we are unarmed, Israeli soldiers use tremendous violence against us because they are cowards. They fear us since they know very well that this is not their land. They know that it is through the use of excessive violence they can strip us of our ancestral land and falsely claim it as theirs.

Today, we are proving to ourselves and to everyone who thinks that we are a weak and passive generation unable to defend our rights that we are strong and want an uprising to liberate our country.

The colonized, who are oppressed and whose identity is threatened with obliteration cannot give up on their rights. The uprising of my people in 1948 Palestine and other areas is just the perfect example of this.”

Yara (a pseudonym) is a secondary school girl who mobilizes people to come to the checkpoint and protest Israeli oppression. She says:

We have to protest every day until we fulfill our inalienable right of self-determination. We have to remember that our resistance is important to free thousands of prisoners being dehumanized at Israeli colonial dungeons.

A few days ago, we commemorated the 73rd anniversary of Nakba when Israel was created on the wreckages of my people.

Seventy-three years later, we are here not only to assert that our Nakba is ongoing; but also, to emphasize that time is now to put an end to this Nakba that has been inflicted upon us since more than seven decades.

This can be achieved through our resistance and sacrifices not through peace agreements with the colonizers of our lands that deny us the basic of our rights.”

Like Zaher and Yara, 23-year-old Rami (a pseudonym) believes that putting an end to Israeli oppression to fulfill the rights they and the entire Palestinian people have been denied, requires them to resist and continue to rise up. He states:

“The signing of the Oslo Accords has been detrimental for our anti-colonial struggle. We should never call them a peace agreement; rather, Oslo is just a capitulation agreement that has been only serving the Israeli colonization of our lands.

We have seen the consequences of this agreement and years of Israeli attempts to suppress our resistance: Entrenching Israeli settler colonial regime with what has been happening in Jerusalem is yet one example among others.

 Yet, when I saw the Israeli occupation trying to obliterate the Palestinian existence in Jerusalem in different ways during the month of Ramadan, I thought to myself that the occupation is crossing a red line that should never be crossed without us expressing our rejection and outrage.

I don’t fear these soldiers and I am ready to continue rising up no matter how much violence they use against me. A few years ago, I was shot in the leg, pulled by Israeli soldiers and beaten for three hours although I was bleeding.

Then they imprisoned me for weeks. They thought that they taught me a lesson to learn from by never protesting against them again. Yet, they failed as I can’t see more catastrophes falling on our heads with no reaction.” 

Resistance is the power of the oppressed

Full of energy, determination, and unshakeable fearlessness to resist Israeli apartheid, Zaher, Yara and Rami stand for millions of Palestinians all over Historic Palestine who have been enduring Israeli dehumanization, subjugation and humiliation.

In the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Israel has been betting on its oppressive system to break the will of Palestinian resistance by creating a fearful and passive generation. In 1948 Palestine, Israeli programs to erase Palestinian identity and racist laws to suppress them and alienate them from the rest of the Palestinian people fail today amid a generation of youth that is ready to turn the table on their oppressors and deniers of their humanity.

An artwork activity for children in Akka (Acre) in 48 Palestine as part of #PalestineOnStrike activities on May 18, 2021.
On the drawing it’s written: “Jerusalem belongs to us.”

Through their uprising, they accumulate on previous uprisings led by the previous generations and suppressed by Israel. Even in the darkest moments of the Palestinian anti-colonial struggle, Palestinians have never given up on fulfilling their rights. In the absence of an uprising and direct confrontation with their colonizers, they have been doing everyday resistance to sustain their existence on their lands through the culture of sumud [steadfastness].

After the international community has failed them to end Israeli apartheid and settler colonial practices, the younger generation of Palestine who are rallying in the streets now have fully adopted what Martin Luther King once said: “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” 

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We have compiled a list of events that have been organized across the globe to mark the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba and to build pressure stop the brutal aggression and escalation of repression against the Palestinian people. All over the world, people are standing up inspired by and in support of the Palestinian steadfastness and struggle against Israeli apartheid, occupation and settler colonialism. It is #InOurHands to end Israeli apartheid and to achieve justice, freedom and equality.

List of global activities in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality

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May 15th marks the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba, when Israel and Zionist militias violently forced the majority of the Palestinian people out of their homes and turned them into refugees, depriving them of their basic rights and the possibility to return to their home.

The Nakba never stopped, and for the past 73 years Israel continues to expel more and more Palestinians from their homes and land. The ongoing ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem, including through the imminent displacement of Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah, has occurred in a context of an escalation of Israeli atrocities in Jerusalem and across Palestine. Over thousands Palestinians have been injured and 150 killed, including 40 children, in the past weeks.

Over the last days popular protests of Palestinians across the entire territory under Israeli apartheid – the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip as well as within Israel – have grown in size. They have been met with brutal repression by Israeli security forces.

The reaction of Europe to the plight of the Palestinian people is the same cynical reaction that it offers to migrants and refugees: it considers the oppressed as the enemy, the criminal. Palestinians and migrants alike are seen as a threat, and are expected to disappear in silence, not to challenge the system that requires their oppression.

European governments and institutions are not only silent in front of Israeli apartheid, they are actively condoning, supporting and profiting from it, while at the same time enforcing their own systems of segregation against and confinement of migrants and refugees within its own borders.

European governments and transnationals implement and profit from the policies of war and economic exploitation that continue to displace people every day – whether in Palestine or across the world.

Europe’s drive to militarization, and the militarization of its borders in particular, not only diverts public money from social policies, it directly funds Israel’s arms industry through purchases/leasing and funding for research and development of new security technologies. 

The use of military drones made by Israeli corporations Elbit Systems and Israeli Aerospace Industries against migrants at Europe’s borders is paradigmatic of European complicity in Israel’s decades-old regime of military occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid and its own crimes, and of European acquisition of Israeli model.

Since 2018 Frontex and EMSA have contracted Elbit and IAI military drones. Elbit Systems develops its drones together with the Israeli military and promotes its technology as field tested – on Palestinians. It provides 85% of the drones used by Israel in its repeated military assaults and continued inhumane siege and attacks on Gaza.

In 2020 Greece announced it will lease Heron drones from IAI to expand its border security capacity. Later in the year, Frontex announced it awarded a €50 million contract to Airbus (with IAI as subcontractor) and Elbit for providing drone surveillance flights in the Mediterranean in the next two years. With these contracts Frontex takes new steps in its border security work, the expansion of its role in EU migration and border policies and in acquiring its own equipment instead of relying on that of EU member states. For refugees trying to cross the Mediterannean this can have more devastating consequences, especially in light of recent publications about Frontex’ complicity in illegal pushbacks from Greece to Turkey and pull-backs to Libya.

Today we need to stand together.

As groups representing Palestine solidarity, migrant and anti-militarization groups we hand over to the EU institutions the demand by over 7000 citizens that EU border agencies Frontex and EMSA stop contracting Israeli military corporations and stop killer drones against migrants.

Read the full petition here

Defund Frontex to end the EU’s criminal anti-migration policy. End military ties with Israel now.

Please help us to strengthen our common struggle for freedom, justice and equality and a World without Walls: 

  • Send a public message to the EU that you endorse the demands of the petition.
  • Contact your MEP to let them know you support the petition and want them to put pressure at EU level. 
  • Talk with the group or organization you are part of, endorse our Statement of Unity and become part of our struggle for Palestinian rights, against militarization and against the EU’s anti-migration policies

World without Walls – Europe

Members of the World without Walls Network – Europe

1. European Coordination of Committee for Palestine (ECCP), Europe

2. Stop Wapenhandel, Netherlands

3. Comitato Nomuos/Nosigonella- Catania, Italy

4. BDS Berlin, Germany

5. Mugak Zabalduz Karabana, Donostia, Basque Country, Spanish State

6. Solidaridad Para El Desarrollo Y La Paz, Spanish State

7. Comité De Solidariedade Com A Palestina, Portugal

8. Ongi Etorri Errefuxiatuak, Spanish State

9. Caravana Abriendo Fronteras, Spanish State

10. Shadow World Investigations, UK

11. Stop The War On Migrants, Netherlands

12. Josoor, Austria

13. New Weapons Research Group, Italy

14. Centre Delàs D’estudis Per La Pau, Catalunya, Spanish State

15. Comitato Bds Campania, Italy

16. Bds Italy, Italy

17. Movimento Pelos Direitos Do Povo Palestino E Pela Paz No Médio Oriente (MPPM), Portugal

18. Legal Center Lesvos, Greece

19. Stop Maren Mortum, Spanish State

20. BDS France, France

21. Jewish Voice For A Just Peace In The Middle East, Germany

22. BDS Greece, Greece

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We have just activated our Instagram account in order to ensure we can share with you on yet another channel the news from the ground and around the world as we are fighting yet another escalation of Israel’s regime of apartheid, occupation and settler colonialsim.

People in Palestine are standing the ground – please join our channel, ask your friends to follow us and help us to get the word and images out to the world. Together we can turn the tide – it is #InOurHands to end Israeli apartheid.

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Take to the streets on Saturday May 15th with a united demand for sanctions and arms embargo on Israel.

We Palestinians are facing yet another massacre in besieged Gaza, resisting ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley and rising against oppression in our cities in Historic Palestine. Israel’s military and policing arsenal, is raining death and destruction on our loved ones, families and friends. It is bolstered by arms exports from the United States and European countries and flourishing military ties across the globe, making all those involved complicit in this colonial violence. 

At the time of writing this call the latest round of Israeli war crimes in Gaza has resulted in the brutal killings of 83 Palestinians, including 17 children and 6 women and over 487 wounded including  115 children and 50 women. Civilian houses are being targeted by American-made F16s and Elbit drones. 

The current massacre comes after 14 years of a medieval siege, a form of collective punishment that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians, the destruction of our economy and society denying us our most fundamental right to a dignified life.

Our people in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, Humsa, Masafer Yatta, Al Araqeeb are resisting Israel’s ongoing racist dispossession, attempting to expel our families from their land and homes. Palestinians in Nazareth, Haifa, Lydd, Ramleh, Rahat and many other places are standing up for their rights against 73 decades of oppression.

We want to be free in our homeland, and the freedom to thrive and live in safety and dignity. 

You have the power to help end it the same way you helped overcome South African apartheid and other crimes against humanity. We want solidarity, not charity. Exposing and ending complicity in Israel’s regime of apartheid, settler-colonialism and military occupation are the most ethical and strategic forms of intervention to end oppression and violence.

We must come together and pressure governments to impose sanctions on Israel, including a comprehensive arms embargo and cutting all forms of funding for and trade with Israel’s military industry.   

It is #InOurHands: Take action this Saturday to end the ongoing Palestinian Nakba and the massacre in Gaza 
  1. Join protests taking place in your area organized by Palestinians and Palestine solidarity movements, or come together to organize one if none are planned yet. Make boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) the main message at every protest around the world. Take banners and placards calling for sanctions on Israel to every protest. Share pictures and videos widely on social media. 
  2. Join the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement today. 
  3. Boycott the  products of Israeli apartheid and take action to stop corporations profiting from Israel’s system of colonialism, occupation and apartheid. March to boycott targets in your city and educate the public about companies complicit in Israel’s ongoing military assault and illegal siege of Gaza.
  4. News of protests around the world have given us hope, we urge you to intensify your actions. Protest in front of Israeli embassies, challenge Israeli officials (and others) supporting the current aggression against Gaza whenever they appear in public, and stage peaceful sit-ins in front of government buildings.
  5. Palestinian trade unions are calling on our brothers and sisters in the trade union movement internationally to stop handling goods imported from or exported to Israel. The trade union movement has a proud history of direct action against apartheid in South Africa,  Let’s build a new anti-apartheid movement to end Israel’s impunity.


#SaveSheikhJarrah Campaign – The Sheikh Jarrah Families

Council of National and Islamic Forces in Palestine

General Union of Palestine Workers

General Union of Palestinian Women 

Grassroots Al-Quds 

Land Defense Coalition 

Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions

Palestine New Federation of Trade Unions 

Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (Stop the Wall)

Palestinian Journalists Syndicate

Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO)

Student Union Secretariat

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Since the start of May, the Israeli occupation authorities have intensified its prolonged violent assault on Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, Occupied Jerusalem. Amid this tremendous Israeli violence against the families of Sheikh Jarrah and their supporters from other areas in Jerusalem, Palestinians assert that the ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah is no longer looming; rather, it is happening now!

An Israeli soldier choking Omar AlKhatib, a Palestinian activist from Jerusalem, with his knee on 4 May, 2021 when he was arrested. Alkhatib kept saying: “I can’t breathe, you’re suffocating me.”

The scenes of heavily armed Israeli gangs beating, humiliating, arresting and storming Palestinian houses in Sheikh Jarrah, which go viral on social media every night, come in response to more Palestinian protests against the ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah. This brutal campaign is being carried out by the different layers entrenching Israeli apartheid system: Armed Israeli soldiers, discriminatory laws, Israeli courts and bigoted Jewish settlers whose motto is: “Death to Arabs.”

A Palestinian protester beaten and arrested by the Israeli occupation forces in Sheikh Jarrah.
Photo credit: Quds News Network Israeli courts: An apparatus of Israeli ethnic cleansing campaign

Palestinian protest of the ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah follows a hearing at Israeli Supreme Court on Sunday, 2 May, 2021. At the hearing, the six families, numbering about 27 people, that put forward an appeal against their forcible eviction were ordered by the court to “reach some deal with the settlers claiming ownership of their homes.”

According to the court, this ’deal’ has to include that the Palestinian families admit that the settlers own their houses. Thus, to stay in their homes, the families should negotiate with the settlers on starting to pay rents to them.

Sari, a Palestinian activist from Jerusalem asserted that “the court order was a proposal the settlers submitted to the court before.” He added that “if Palestinians accept this unjust proposal, there is no guarantee that the court in the next hearing would adapt it as a decision. Rather, the court is expected to reject it once it is accepted by Palestinians.”

However, the families categorically rejected the court order as this is yet another way to trample on their right to their homes the settlers try to steal from them.

Moreover, commenting on the court’s order, the families released a statement on social media:

“The inherently unjust system of Israel’s colonial courts is not considering questioning the illegal settler’s ownership and has already decided on the families’ dispossession.

This pattern of elongating the legal process is common practice to dull popular resistance and public opinion protesting these expansionist and colonial efforts.

As the threat of expulsion from our home remains imminent as ever, we will continue our international campaign to stop this ethnic cleansing,”

At Sunday’s hearing, the court decided to postpone the ruling on the appeal until tomorrow, Thursday, May 6. 

The six families under immediate expulsion, where the ruling on their appeal might take place at tomorrow’s hearing are not alone in this battle. Seven other families await a similar fate in August 1st following the ruling of the Israeli Supreme court earlier this year.

These families have been embattled in a legal dispute with Israeli settlers since decades after Israeli settlers backed by the Israeli government started a vigorous campaign to falsely claim ownership of 28 Palestinian families.

This campaign of ethnic cleansing dates back to 1972 when the Sephardic Community Committee and the Knesset Yisrael Committee, two bigoted settler organizations started the fabrication of documents claiming that the 28 Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah live there illegally.

Please read our previous report about the legal battle of Sheikh Jarrah and more here.

To read more about the struggle of Sheikh Jarrah, see the letter calling on the ICC to save Sheikh Jarrah here.

Relentless attempts to eliminate Palestinian presence

So far, the fanatic settler groups have succeeded in ethnically cleansing more than 67 Palestinians.

In addition to the ethnic cleansing campaign of Sheikh Jarrah, the Israeli occupation authorities is preparing another one to expel Palestinian families in Al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan, Occupied Jerusalem.

Both Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan enjoy a strategic location. By ethnically cleansing these two areas, the apartheid regime of Israel can easily obliterate Palestinian identity of Jerusalem and ghettoize its Palestinian inhabitants more. Reflecting on this, Sari stated:

By ethnically cleansing Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan from their Palestinian inhabitants in favor of Jewish settlers, the Israeli occupation seeks to Judaize Jerusalem.

The plan is to turn the areas to ‘street museums’, divided into tourist, archeological and religious places for Jews encircling the Old City of Jerusalem.” 

Sari believes that the Israeli set restrictions on Palestinian presence in and access to Damascus Gate, one of the main gates leading to the walled Old City of Jerusalem where Muslim and Christian religious sites are located, at the start of Ramadan, “are not separated from what we witness in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan.” He explained, “there are relentless Israeli efforts to evict Palestinians and obliterate their presence in all the areas around or leading to the Old City of Jerusalem.”

Nonetheless, after enduring Israeli brutality, Palestinian protestors in Jerusalem succeeded in removing the metal barriers set at Damascus Gate plaza on 25 April.

Currently, Sheikh Jarrah is the battle ground, where hundreds of Palestinians have been organizing sit-in tents and Iftar (breakfast in Ramadan) events in order to emphasize Palestinian presence in the area, as well as to strengthen the steadfastness of threatened families. Their motto of sumud [steadfastness] is: “Our homeland is a heaven, may God protect you… oh dear homeland, even your inferno is a paradise!”

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Yesterday, Sunday, 26 April, thousands of Palestinians rejoiced at Damascus Gate, Occupied Jerusalem, following the Israeli soldiers backdown and removal of the iron barriers set in the area since the start of the holy month of Ramadan. This victory comes after 13 days of protesting the Israeli attempts to restrict Palestinian access to and presence in the Damascus Gate, the main gate leading to the old city of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa compound.  

After removing the barricades, Palestinians raised the Palestinian flag at Damascus Gate, an act that is prohibited and punishable by the Israeli occupation authorities. The Israeli soldiers responded to this act by using violence and by confiscating the flags. Yet, Palestinians refused to let the Israeli occupation to ruin their moment of rejoice and victory and continued the celebrations despite Israeli brutality.

On Saturday, 25 April, one day before achieving this victory, Palestinians witnessed another night of violence and brutality committed by both armed Israeli soldiers and fanatic settlers. Tens of Palestinian worshippers and peaceful protesters were arrested at Damascus Gate.

Photos credit: Quds News Network

Many others were violently beaten and humiliated by Israeli soldiers and settlers. Since the beginning of the holy of month of Ramadan, the Israeli occupation authorities have been restricting the access of Palestinians to the Damascus Gate as an attempt to increase Israeli control over a strategic location like Damascus Gate.

‘Death to Arabs’: Israeli slogan to ethnically cleanse Jerusalem

On Last Thursday, 22nd April, Palestinian protests increased, and by implication, Israeli violence to suppress these protests. On that date, hundreds of fanatic Israeli settlers took to the streets chanting ‘death to Arabs.’ They also called for ‘burning their [Palestinians’] villages’ as well as for ethnically cleansing them from Jerusalem. The anti-Palestinian protesters were also trying to reach Damascus Gate, which would also allow them to storm Al-Aqsa compound.

Palestinians responded to the bigotry and violence of settlers under the protection of armed Israeli soldiers by rallying in the streets and trying to prevent the settlers from accessing Damascus Gate.

Photo credit: Quds News Network

The Israeli occupation forces reacted to this by injuring at least 32 Palestinians and arresting many others.

The aggression used against the Palestinian protestors, according to Zakariya Odeh, the coordinator of the Civic Coalition for Palestinian rights in Jerusalem, “was a failed attempt to empty Damascus Gate area from Palestinian protestors and allow settlers to enter the area.” He added, “members of Lahava, the far-right settler organization that led the settlers’ protest at that night was backing Israeli soldiers to force Palestinians out of the area.”

When the Palestinian counter protest was dispersed and the number of Palestinians at Damascus Gate decreased, the fanatic settlers tried again to storm the area. However, Palestinians succeeded in preventing them. In response to that, the settlers violently attacked Palestinians in the area. The violent attacks of settlers extended to Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Commenting on the Israeli escalated violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem since the start of Ramadan, Jamal Juma’, the coordinator of Stop the Wall Campaign stated:

The Israeli occupation authorities have chosen the holy month of Ramadan to tighten their control over the Old City of Jerusalem, including Al-Aqsa compound as this is a month where Palestinians are more connected to Al-Aqsa compound.

During Ramadan Palestinian residents of Jerusalem spend more time in that holy site together, where its Muslim identity is emphasized more.

The Israeli occupation seeks to prevent Palestinian gatherings in the area as part of the attempt to erase its Muslim identity gradually.

Today, Palestinians show that they are able to stay steadfast and strong in the face of Israeli attempts to obliterate their existence. It also asserts the connectedness of Palestinians to their city and Al-Aqsa Mosque, which the Israeli occupation is unable to break.

After disrupting Israeli attempts to set up electronic gates at the entrances leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque in 2017, this is the second victory of Jerusalemite Palestinians in a few years while trying to defend their existence, their right to and sovereignty over the Old City of Jerusalem.

Palestinian Uprising

Prior to that, on 14 April, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Compound and removed the doors of the minarets; then, they cut the wires of the minaret’s loudspeakers while Palestinian Muslim worshippers were performing tarawih evening prayers.

Three days later, the Israeli army expelled Palestinians who were planning to spend the night performing prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Palestinians have called for daily protests in Jerusalem against Israeli attempted control over Damascus Gate and Al-Aqsa compound as the Jerusalem uprising. Since its start at the beginning of Ramadan, the Israeli occupation forces arrested more than 100 Palestinians and injured over 700 in Jerusalem.

The escalated Israeli aggression in Jerusalem coincides with the looming ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the neighborhoods of Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan. Several weeks before the eruption of the Jerusalem uprising, Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem have been protesting weekly in these two neighborhoods against the imminent expulsion of hundreds of Palestinians from their homes.

The Israeli violence in Jerusalem has led to more protests in several areas in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Many of the demonstrations that took place at Israeli military checkpoints in the Occupied West Bank were met with Israeli violence.

What adds insult to injury of Palestinians in the West Bank and increases the momentum of their protests is the Israeli refusal to allow them access to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Ramadan.

This is the second year in a row that the Israeli occupation denies Palestinian Muslims who live outside Jerusalem their right to perform prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Praying in Al-Aqsa Mosque has a religious importance for Muslims because they believe their prayers are more valued in that holy site, a belief that the Israeli occupation totally disrespects. Nor does the Israeli occupation respects the right of Palestinian Christians from outside Jerusalem to access the Church of the Holy Sepulcher during Easter.  

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Stop the Wall has recently joined 190 Palestinian and non-Palestinian human rights organizations in signing a letter sent by Sheikh Jarrah families to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The letter, which was sent to Fatou Bensouda, the prosecutor of the ICC, calls on her to urgently include the looming ethnic cleansing of 28 Palestinian families from the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, Occupied East Jerusalem.

This calls comes as part of the ongoing open investigations of Israeli crimes in the occupied Palestinian Territories.

 Specifically, the families called on her Office to include as part of the investigation the related war crimes and crimes against humanity, including forcible transfer, appropriation of property, persecution, apartheid, and other inhumane acts causing great suffering or serious injury to inter alia mental health arising from their forced evictions.

The letter outlines that 87 Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah face imminent forcible expulsion, including four families by May 2nd, 2021 following the ruling of Israeli courts in favor of eviction lawsuits carried out by a settler organization.

The families also outlined in the letter that the looming expulsion would be their second or third one as they were expelled from their homes in 1948 when Israel was created. Since then, the letter underlines that Israel has been denying them their inalienable right to return to their homes.

The letter also asserted that the targeted families for Israeli ethnic cleansing have been enduring a lengthy, exhausting, and unaffordable legal struggle to challenge the eviction lawsuits filed against us by settler
organisations in Israeli courts since 1972. Given the discriminatory and transparent nature
of the Israeli legal system as applied in the occupied territory, the families are systematically denied
access to justice or any effective remedy.

As part of the investigations, the letter calls on the ICC prosecutor to:

  1. Publicly condemn the imminent forced evictions of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and urgently investigate this case within the Situation of Palestine;
  2. Warn those perpetrators most responsible for the conduct in question that their policies and actions in occupied East Jerusalem, which aim at manipulating the city’s demographic character in favour of Israeli-Jewish domination, may constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity within the jurisdiction of the Court;
  3. Operating under Part 9 of the Rome Statute, call upon Jordan and Palestine, as ICC States Parties, to cooperate with your Office in providing any documents relevant to the investigation of the imminent forced evictions in Sheikh Jarrah; and
  4. Take any appropriate action, within the confines of the exercise of your mandate under the Rome Statute, to prevent the Palestinian protected population in the Karm Al-Ja’ouni area of Sheikh Jarrah from being displaced and dispossessed for the second time.

Please see full letter and the signing organizations here.

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The Jewish National Fund operates through colonialist strategies of greenwashing, land grab and suppression. Join long-standing Palestinian activists and anti-colonial environmentalists in exposing these abuses and shedding light on the urgency of supporting grassroots struggles in decolonizing the climate emergency.

This event which takes place on Friday, April 23rd at 18.00-19.30.00 [Palestine Time] is Part of From the Ground Up #2: Take Action Now, a Global Gathering for Climate Justice to move our thinking towards how we can collectively tackle the multiple crises we are facing. Please learn more about this global event here.


We will be joined by Dipti Bhatnagar, Climate Justice and Energy Program Coordinator, Friends of the Earth International and JA (FOE Mozambique) and Jamal Juma’, a prolonged Palestinian popular activist and coordinator of Stop the Wall Campaign.

The session will also include film footage of popular struggles against JNF’s colonization within and outside Palestine.

The two speakers will discuss how colonial dynamics, tools and transnational institutions and corporations are systematically destroying the climate and the livelihoods of people across the global south. The pillage of resources, destruction or reshaping of nature and the displacement of people living on the land is at the core of colonial conquest and the destruction of our planet.

Within this framework, Palestine is a paradigmatic example. Israel’s settler colonialism and apartheid is daily taking over more lands and pillaging more resources, evicting and ethnically cleansing ever more Palestinians from their homes.

The aim of this session is to bring activists and organizations from around the world to understand the role of policies of colonialism and land grab as intrinsic to the destruction of our climate, across the globe and in Palestine. We will discuss different ways of holding the JNF accountable for its prolonged ethnic cleansing as part of supporting Palestinian grassroots struggle and decolonizing the climate emergency. In the session we will also launch a declaration calling for keeping the JNF out of COP26 to be signed by participants/organizations as a first step to keep the JNF out of this global gathering for climate justice.

One of the tools Israel uses to achieve this is the Jewish National Fund (JNF). The JNF was established as an explicitly colonial tool to ethnically cleanse Palestinians and impose Israeli apartheid. Currently, the JNF is actively stealing Palestinian land to support the de facto and de jure annexation of the Occupied West Bank, which is deemed illegal under International Law. Nevertheless, the JNF is registered as a tax-exempt environmental charity in over 70 countries across the world and has been granted observer status by the United Nations to the Conferences of Parties (COP) to the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC).

In this session, we want to expose the JNF’s greenwash and shed light on the urgency of supporting Palestinian grassroots struggle as part of the decolonization of climate emergency: Challenging the JNF in multiple countries and keeping it out of any climate emergency response like the COP26.


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During last February, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished Humsa, a Bedouin community in Northern Jordan Valley, five times as part of the Israeli attempts to ethnically cleanse the community. Now they try to force people to leave by cutting off water supply.

The cruel policies to expel the people from their lands are implemented under the pretext that the community is located in a “closed military area”, which the Israeli army defined long after the community had been established there.

After the fifth destruction, and to avoid further demolitions and raids, the residents of Humsa had to move 600 meters away from area the Israeli occupation authorities classify as a ‘Firing Zone.’

nevertheless, the Israeli occupation does not allow the residents of Humsa to rebuild their homes.  Nor does the Israeli occupation allow the residents easy access to water.

The Israeli occupation denies the Bedouin communities in the Jordan Valley access to piped water, refusing to connect them to the water grid mekorot has built for the illegal settlements.  The communities there, including Humsa, depend on water brought to them in big water tanks. The water, which the residents buy from Areas ‘A’ and ‘B’, is usually transported in their tractors as the Israeli occupation prohibits Palestinians there to pave their roads.

Since the beginning of March, the Israeli occupation has decided to restrict the access to water for the residents either by confiscating their water tanks or tractors transporting the water.

According to Abu Anas, a resident of Humsa,

“Since more than a month, the Israeli occupation has been suffocating us by preventing us to access tanked water. We only manage to get a few tanks that hardly suffice the needs of my family and livelihood. Every night, Israeli military jeeps surround the community in order to hamper our access to water during the night.

Every day, they also raid the community in search for water tanks and the tractors transporting them.

A few days ago, we built some tents. The following day, Monday, April, 5th, Israeli soldiers stormed the community and took pictures of the newly built tents.

 I do not know how we are going to survive the holy month of Ramadan, which starts in less than a week from now, without enough water. The temperature is getting very high in Humsa these days. This is going to add insult to injury during Ramadan while we are fasting.

On the one hand, the Israeli occupation confiscated the solar panels we used to depend on for power. After a long day of fasting, we will not be able to have cooled water, if there would be really some!

On the other, the tents that were provided to us as a humanitarian aid are small and, unlike the residential tents we used to have, they do not cool the place or protect us from the hot weather.”

Denying the residents of Humsa access to the core of life, to water is a coercive measure to ethnically cleanse them from their lands after the repetitive demolition of their property failed to do so. Water has been weaponized by the Israeli occupation authorities through water apartheid practices since decades to expel Palestinians and take over their lands.

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Per sviluppare un lavoro di classe nel sostegno alla lotta di liberazione della Palestina e degli altri popoli oppressi e aggrediti dall'imperialismo, oltre alle sterili e dannose concezioni del pacifismo e dell'equidistanza tra aggressori e aggrediti che hanno in gran parte contribuito ad affossare il movimento contro la guerra nel nostro paese negli ultimi anni, si è deciso di fondare l'organismo nazionale Fronte Palestina.

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