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Biden administration set to continue Trump’s anti-Palestinian policies.

Israeli minister insisted for weeks on excluding so-called “security prisoners” from inoculation rollout.

Court vindicates activists who called for boycott of singer Matisyahu.

Assaf Kaplan was in Israel’s hacking outfit, Unit 8200.

Alyne Tamir calls it “fake news” that she’s Israeli. But she’s the one who said it.

Coalition of groups work to shield Israel from criticism.

Occupying power is responsible for all people under occupation.

Distress signals in the sky. Why people in Gaza risk their lives to launch incendiary balloons at Israel.

Frontex fails to scrutinize how it will use equipment tested on Palestinians.

Tarek Bakri arranges for people to visit ethnically cleansed towns and villages.

Former mayor of London will seek to overturn the watchdog’s “Labour anti-Semitism” report.

Israel has so far failed to extradite Grégory Chelli on charges related to death of Thierry Le Corre.

“Jewish supremacy” is Israel’s single organizing principle, rights group states.

Kat Cammack’s communication took place shortly before Capitol Building invasion.

Military describes villagers resisting violent raiding soldiers as “rioters.”

Artists and educational institutions unite to oppose German parliament’s anti-BDS resolution as unconstitutional.

Raphael Ahren has portrayed settlers as cuddly.

Palestinian shot at close range by soldiers trying to confiscate a generator.

Israel forced about 1,000 Palestinians from their homes during the pandemic.

International law has proven an “antirevolutionary pacifying force” for Palestinians.


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