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Video released by police shows reflexive use of lethal force.

Human Rights Watch frames armed resistance as "war crimes."
Thousands have been killed in US airstrikes since the forever war began after 9/11.

Tunnel from Gilboa prison punches hole in occupier’s invincibility.

More than 5,000 people in Gaza lack ID documents that would enable them to travel.

New envoy to Tel Aviv laments “untapped potential” of relations.

Following appeals, Anhar al-Deek is back home, though under house arrest.

Activists receive an apology after being blocked from youth event.

Guardian columnist ignores history of Nazi-Zionist collaboration.
Thousands remain homeless after the destructive Israeli assault on Gaza in May.
A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.
Students jam together at the Edward Said music institute in Gaza.                               

Israel refuses to let family members be with Anhar al-Deek when she gives birth.

Finally free after nearly 30 months, Samar Abu Daher recounts her time in Israeli prison.
Some families suffered immense losses in both 2014 and this year.

Occupation forces have killed 73 Palestinian children so far this year.

Chicago activists challenge congresswoman on her failure to support Palestinian children.
High school students overcome immense obstacles to sit exams.

Qatar yields to Israel’s demands on money transfers.

Diplomats dodge how their own governments are enabling police violence.


Informazioni sul Fronte Palestina

Per sviluppare un lavoro di classe nel sostegno alla lotta di liberazione della Palestina e degli altri popoli oppressi e aggrediti dall'imperialismo, oltre alle sterili e dannose concezioni del pacifismo e dell'equidistanza tra aggressori e aggrediti che hanno in gran parte contribuito ad affossare il movimento contro la guerra nel nostro paese negli ultimi anni, si è deciso di fondare l'organismo nazionale Fronte Palestina.

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