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Online Flotilla events during May 2020

Sabato, 23 May, 2020 - 18:00 to Domenica, 31 May, 2020 - 20:00

May 23: Award-winning film The Truth: Lost at Sea, followed by a discussion with film-maker and Mavi Marmara survivor Rifat Audeh and other Freedom Flotilla participants. Hosted by Canadian Boat to Gaza. In 2010, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, a convoy of six boats carrying humanitarian aid, attempted to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza. After refusing Israel’s demand to turn away, the flotilla continued on course through international waters, and the Israeli Occupation Forces launched a night-raid attacking the boats. On one of the boats, the Mavi Marmara, the Israeli commandos shot and killed nine human rights activists and a tenth later died of his injuries. The film details what happened that night, unravelling how the story was spun by the media.  (10h00 Pacific North America, 12h00 Central, 13h00 EDT, 18h00 British Summer Time, 19h00 CEST, 20h00 Palestine). Please register here:

27 mayo: GAZA, 13 AÑOS DE BLOQUEO: MAVI MARMARA, 10º ANIVERSARIO. Organizado por Rumbo a Gaza. PARTICIPAN: Director de la película documental  “FUEGO SOBRE EL MÁRMARA”, pasajeros y testigos del asalto al Mavi Mármara. 18h. CEST / Madrid. 11h. Bogotá. Inscripción(gratuita pero obligatoria):

May 28: National and International Legal actions against the Israeli occupation, from the Gaza Freedom Flotillas to Annexation, hosted by South Africa’s Palestine Solidarity Alliance. 19h30 SAST / CEST. 1:30 EDT. 10:30 PDT. Please register here:

May 30: 10 year anniversary of Israeli Attack on the Mavi Marmara/Gaza Freedom Flotilla with Cultures of Resistance Films director Iara Lee, internationally renowned author Norman Finkelstein and ship survivors. The event will feature firsthand remembrances of what happened on the Mavi Marmara, a discussion of the blockade of Gaza and its humanitarian impact, and a description of the ongoing legal case that is progressing in the International Criminal Court. Before the webinar, you can watch Iara Lee’s raw footage of the attack and a 3-minute shortfilm about what happened on that deadly night, in the middle of international waters. Despite Israeli attempts to confiscate all materials, Iara Lee’s film crew smuggled out the assault footage, that she later screened at the United Nations.

Webinar discussion (10h00 PDT in west coast North America, 12h00 Central, 13h00 EDT, 18h00 British Summer Time, 19h00 CEST, 20h00 Palestine). Please register here: All details

May 30: Commemoration gatherings in the ports of Acre and Jaffa which will be live streamed, followed by a webinar with various speakers who participated in past missions to challenge the blockade on Gaza as well as a Palestinian from Gaza. The event will be held in Arabic and Hebrew with English translation. Please register here:

16h-18h, Palestine Time.

May 31: Events in Istanbul, Turkey to commemorate the 10 deaths by Israeli commandos on the Mavi Marmara ship hosted by Humanitarian Relief Foundation IHH. Read and share more background information on the Mavi Marmara from IHH.

May 31: Award-winning film The Truth: Lost at Sea, followed by a discussion with film-maker and Mavi Marmara survivor Rifat Audeh and other Freedom Flotilla participants (see description above).
Screening with discussion for Pacific partners and allies 16h AEST (NSW/Vic); 18h NZST (Aotearoa) ; 9h00 Palestine; May 30 at 23h PDT (west coast of North America). Please register here:

May 31: Evening Concert in Norway hosted by Ship to Gaza Norway.

May 31: Online Event in Sweden hosted by Ship to Gaza Sweden: Zooma in Palestina, 14:-15:30 CEST.

In May 2020, the Freedom Flotilla Coalition is sponsoring a series of webinars to commemorate those killed on the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla and the thousands of Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel that have been killed by the Israeli military and the inhumane policies of the Israeli government. May 31, 2020 is the 10th anniversary of the deadly Israel military attack on six civilian boats that were sailing to bring international attention to the plight of the 2 million Palestinians living under a brutal and illegal Israeli land, sea and air blockade of Gaza. Israeli commandos murdered ten and wounded fifty unarmed civilians on the Mavi Marmara ship and beat up passengers on the other five boats.

International solidarity activists have sailed 18 voyages with over 30 boats to break the illegal Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. The next flotilla, coordinated by the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, has been postponed due to the COVID-19 health pandemic.

For previous Freedom Flotilla information webinars this year, see here.

COVID-19 IN PALESTINE: Please consider donating to one of the urgent response appeals for healthcare in Palestine, either through UNRWA:, or through Medical Aid to Palestinians, or the Middle East Children’s Alliance:

Informazioni sul Fronte Palestina

Per sviluppare un lavoro di classe nel sostegno alla lotta di liberazione della Palestina e degli altri popoli oppressi e aggrediti dall'imperialismo, oltre alle sterili e dannose concezioni del pacifismo e dell'equidistanza tra aggressori e aggrediti che hanno in gran parte contribuito ad affossare il movimento contro la guerra nel nostro paese negli ultimi anni, si è deciso di fondare l'organismo nazionale Fronte Palestina.

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