We give voice to the Palestinian left, the popular movements
and all those who struggle for self-determination of the Palestinian people.

RED PALESTINE because we openly take sides, with determination and convinction,
near the Palestinian left and the civil society.

RED PALESTINE because in Palestine, as in others countries, there are different political forces that
compare and confront as Hamas and the PA are doing: we cannot ignore it, we cannot remain silent.

RED PALESTINE because we don't want to stand still and watch, we don't take sides on Hamas
party that holds palestinian prisoners that only look at other
political realities and we don't take sides on PA, that
imprison civilians who only crime is to be near
Hamas or near others parties. We condemn their
collaboration with the U.S. military and with
the Zionist, just as we are against the imposition

of customs, flawed culture, imposed rules and
not shared with civil society.

RED PALESTINE because we have a dream:
that Palestine became free from occupation,
but it could be only if it will able to join all its
forces and all the Palestinian people under one
flag, the Palestinian flag.

RED PALESTINE because we believe in
another dream: that in Palestine all people
can live in equality, that believers and
non-believers can enjoy the same rights,
that there is equality between
the sexes.

RED PALESTINE because we decided to put together the Palestinian flag, a symbol of unity, and the red flag, that for us represents freedom, equality and justice!


Informazioni sul Fronte Palestina

Per sviluppare un lavoro di classe nel sostegno alla lotta di liberazione della Palestina e degli altri popoli oppressi e aggrediti dall'imperialismo, oltre alle sterili e dannose concezioni del pacifismo e dell'equidistanza tra aggressori e aggrediti che hanno in gran parte contribuito ad affossare il movimento contro la guerra nel nostro paese negli ultimi anni, si è deciso di fondare l'organismo nazionale Fronte Palestina.

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